300LIN6 Linear-LED® varsellys, Gul 24V SAE

Less then Zero
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A rugged little powerhouse that shrugs off moisture and road shock while giving you "heads up" performance anywhere on your vehicle! FEATURES:A sub-compact, full-featured LED lighthead with wide-angle light spread which can be mounted virtually anywhere. Clear non-fluted lens and black ABS flange standard, optional chrome flange available. Whelen® patented Linear-LED® wide-angle optics for maximum visibility. Minimal current draw and designed for heavy-duty, vibration, moisture and corrosion resistance. Surface mounted with no external flasher, easy to install. Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, including steady-burn. Alternating and simultaneous patterns available. The synch interconnect wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together. Fully encapsulated electronics provide full moisture and vibration protection.

Product Information

SupplierItemNumber: 01-066B043214
Certification: SAE
Lengde: 102 mm
Bredde: 39 mm
Høyde: 52 mm
Vekt (gram): 142 g
Spenning: 24V