Force redningsverktøy, komplett

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Product description

Utilization of the tool : Piercing, Opening Up, Cutting and Splitting Bending, Prying and Clearing Lifting and leave in safe position Moving, Lifting and Lowering Supporting, Stopping and Anchoring Rescue Sling, Stretcher Carrying and Helicopter Lift Force Rescue tool has a long range of usage areas and here is some of them: • Shatter windows in all types of materials; wire reinforced windows, plexi- and safety glass, car windows, aircraft-canopies etc. • Punch hole • Breaking up roof, car roof and doors, sheet metal • Wire, ropes, cables, tubing etc. • Sparkfree opening up of sheet metal • Forcing wooden floors, boxes, walls etc. • Scraping off earth, ice etc. • Winching – rope tightening • Supporting – protection of injured persons • Use as anchor • Rescue sling Material: Axe, claw - Steel (special alloy, hardened) Handle - EPDM-rubber on pipe of special steel Latch mechanism - Stainless steel Other specifications: Rescue and transport strap Weight: 0.85 kg Length: 2500 mm Material: Nylon Tensile strength: Strap - 30 kN (3000 kp) D-ring, hook, buckle - 25 kN (2500 kp) Holder/Stand Weight: 0.45 kg Dimensions: 90 x 453 mm, height 53 mm Material: Aluminium, 3 mm Shock resistance: With installed equipment - 40 g without damage The Force Rescue Tool has all the functions that you need to make holes, cut, bend, lift, pull, support and break. All these functions have been combined into one rescue unit. It is easy to handle and easy to use. FORCE is a complement to the rescuer’s own muscular power and has sometimes been called the third arm - the rescue arm. The rescuer is ready to action in a few seconds with Force rescue tool. The work technique with Force is the same irrespective of the type of rescue work: traffic-, air-, train- and sea incidents, explosions, earth quakes, fires etc. Through practical training one learns to know the equipment’s versatility and capacity and your own ability to utilize the tool. Force rescue tool is easy to handle, versatile, durable, with a large capacity and do not require time consuming toolchanges. The tool is manufactured of hardened special steel which is hard but still so tough that it will not shatter during rough handling even in severe cold. Force Rescue Equipment consists of: Rescue Tool (2 parts, axe- and clawpart), Rescue and transport strap, Holder/Stand Delivered with DVD with manual and applications

Product Information

Brand: Ferno Norden
SupplierItemNumber: 2154F37601/C
Certification: CE
Lengde: 565 - 580 mm
Vekt (gram): 5,5 kg
Volum (shipping): 1