OxiPen® Pulsoxymeter

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Product description

OxiPen® has an automatic turn off if there is no activity within 3 minutes. OxiPen® has only two buttons, one on/off-button, and on button to turn of the alarm. OxiPen® Pulsoximeter Compliance: IEC60601-1-1-2 The effective solution for rapid control and surveillance. The OxiPen® can be used in any situation where you need a rapid and reliable measurement of oxygen and puls of the patient. OxiPen® is small and handy in size, and reliable when it comes to measuring SpO2 and pulse for children and adults. OxiPen® gives you quality in it's feedback all the time with it's informative screen. The flashing LED with colorcodes give you a rapid and consistent information. At least 30 hours operation Fast and reliable Softtip Siliconeprobe High quality for the best price Automatical off-function

Product Information

SupplierItemNumber: 1000159
Certification: CE
Lengde: 13, 6 cm
Bredde: 3,2cm
Høyde: 3,2cm
Vekt (gram): 73 g
Effekt: 2 x AAA
Batterier: 2 x AAA
Driftstid: 30 timer
Lengde (shipping): 29 cm
Høyde (shipping): 20 cm
Bredde (shipping): 19 cm
Volum (shipping): 11