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ARTIFICIAL ICE consists of totally harmless crystals. If the crystals are dissolved in water (or water containing liquids), this process needs heat. This heat is taken out of the water, which cools the mixture of ARTIFICIAL ICE and water. ARTIFICIAL ICE comes in 'moisture tight' multi layer plastic pouches which contain 500 gram crystals (and no water). To use ARTIFICIAL ICE :   Open the pouch at the top, empty it into the our chamber of the AMPUTATE BAG, fill the empty pouch with water and Mix ARTIFICIAL ICE and water by softly squeezing the AMPUTATE BAG from outside. Cool water is better than warm water. The mixture does not become cooler than + 2 ° C. There is no risk of freezing parts of the amputate. There is an equilibrium at about + 4 °C. ARTIFICIAL ICE is not toxic. It is chemically a sugar which can be eaten and which is part of some human pharmaceuticals. There is no 'best-before date' since the pouch of ARTIFICIAL ICE is very tight and since there is no water inside.

Product Information

SupplierItemNumber: 220505
Certification: CE
Lengde: 23, 5 cm
Bredde: 11,5 cm
Vekt (gram): 0,5 kg